Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bad Mommy

Yesterday was a little crazy. I took middle daughter to a tumbling class while big sister was at school. We then had to stop at the grocery store & pick up some milk (ran out on Sunday). So to the grocery store we go baby in cart & big girl in the basket (so I could go faster & not worry about toddler speed). We got 2 gallons of milk. From the back of the store where the milk is to the front we walked through the store. Found a great shirt for a birthday party we are going to in a couple weeks.. love clearance racks.

Then to the check out we go. Well of course because I'm in a HURRY all the lines had at least a person or two.. (wasted time walking across the front of the store to find a line that would be QUICK). Got to a self check out but the machine wasn't resetting for me to start. (waste more time waiting.. the man that was there before me forgot something but by the time I figured it out he was gone but I wasted time figuring this out)

Scanned my stuff this went quickly & paid going quicker now. But by the time I get the girls to the van & in their car seats I realise I have 2 minutes (literally 2 minutes) to get over to my daughters school. NO way am I going to be there on time. I can't believe the time got away from me. So I start driving, realize I don't have the schools number in my cell phone or my van. Call hubby he doesn't have it either & isn't in the office to look it up. AHHHH!!!.. Feeling like the worst mother EVER. Week three & I'm late getting my 5 year old!

I get to the school 8 minutes after I was supposed to be there. Her teacher was still outside had just loaded the last child in & was talking to the parent. I asked where my baby was & she turns & looks & didn't see her. My heart fell into my stomach. She was in the school, the other teachers must have brought her into the office for her to sit & wait! My daughter was fine, NO TEARS thankfully. I had to go into the office & sign her out! My daughter gave me the "talk" about how being late is disrespectful & bad! It's pretty bad when your own words come back to bit you.. but at least I know she's heard every word I've said to her! So this morning she & hubby asked me if I could be 1st in line.. I doubt I'll be first cuz that would mean I need to leave now.. I was there once 20 minutes EARLY & I was still the 3rd car, I promised to be near the front! And I made sure hubby & I now have the schools number in our phones.

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