Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Monday...

Wow what a long busy weekend we had around here!

Friday was a crazy day. My friend finally got the keys to her house which is 1 year late being finished (reason we will never build a new house). So we found out we are watching her 3 & 1 year old Sat. I also go word that I was needed to work at the NASCAR qualifying day as a fundraiser for the girls cheer. I had agreed to be an alternate a while back if someone cancelled! As always on Friday afternoon we had some friends over for a swim & there was a HUGE frog in the pool needing to be tossed out & 4 screaming girls watching this happen! Friday night once hubby arrived home was organizing for the garage sale we decided we were having & doing yard work.

Sat saw me getting up at 4AM to feed the baby shower & get out of the house to go to the track for 6 a.m ! Before I left we had to get all the tables outside for the garage sale! Hubby then accepted the challenge of 2 extra kids all day alone with our 3 + a garage sale.. Boy my hubby is good & did I mention he had them all down napping (all 5 kids) mid day. My eldest rarely nap & he had them all down at the same time & was able to go sit pool side & have a beer. I guess I should have left superman some laundry to do! I got home after 7 pm & we had dinner, did family movie night & then is was BED TIME for tired mama! ** this was the first day I had ever left the baby!!

Sunday was not a day of rest. We got up & did our usual pancake breakfast but that's where everything normal about Sunday ended. I was then busy getting the girls lunch ready & making sure everything was written out for our FIRST EVER PAID BABYSITTER that was not a close friend or family member. Yes we left all three girls for the first time ever. The big girls could not wait for us to leave & well the baby she was napping! Hubby & I were lucky enough to join great friends at the Brickyard 400 - NASCAR Race! It was AMAZING.. I've been a Nascar fan for years (much more than hubby) & this was my first ever RACE. I was perma smile all day. It was great - THANK YOU!! I called home about 5 times in 7 hours (not bad) The babysitter did a great job & the girls were happy. That's all I could have asked for. The baby was alittle cranky when I finally got home from driving the sitter home but she had not really seen me in two days. I was driving home to make dinner only to get a call from hubby that the power was out. So I had to stop & get take out for dinner .. ahh more money spent. But when the power goes out at our place we can't ever run the water to wash lettuce or fruit or anything like that due to being on well water.

We survived the weekend & TODAY was back to reality a little tired alittle slow but all was well! Can't wait for next years race. I hope I can go again!!

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