Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hubby's back...

Well the week is over and another is soon starting & we are no further ahead! Last week alone hubby had 2 MRIs, Xray, appt with Family physician, appt with physiatrist, physiotherapy (PT) 3 changes to his medication regime & we aren't done yet.

I am happy to say the PT helped a little but hubby's pain is still HIGH!!! He's on some really strong pain killer & they are barely touching the pain. The Physiatrist is considering an epidural for pain relief (hello I had 3 babies without drugs & he's the one that might get the epidural)!

Tuesday is hopefully the last test to figure out what the heck is wrong with hubby. He is going for a bone scan which will take the better part of a day & it's basically to decide if "spots" on his pelvics are fat tissue or cancer. Have I mentioned I am grateful we are in the USA. I know having worked in the health care system in Canada not too long ago, what we have had done so far would have taken a heck of a lot longer than 10 days, not cost us as much (nearly nothing) but 10 days! We have been worried, stressed, not sleeping/eating well and I am grateful that its only 10 days! I can't imagine the stress on anyone going through any medical investigations in Canada!

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Nana said...

Your family are with you all. We love you very much and we are all praying. God is looking after your beautiful family just as he has in the past. God bless you all. Have faith. mom