Monday, July 7, 2008


Most of you are aware we are Canadian & moved to the USA 18 months ago. Long enough to get pregnant & have an 8 month old. The Birthing experience was AMAZING & my prenatal care was also good. Anytime an ultrasound was required it occurred according to my schedule (actually hubby's). Yes I know we PAID a LOT of money for that kind of care.

Hubby has done something to his back (who knows how/what) but the pain has been horrible! Today we went to the doctor (called on a Monday morning & got in 3 hours later & didn't have to wait 2 hours once @ the office)! Then the doctor decided an MRI was needed. SHE walked out of the office & called the imagining centre & booked the MRI herself (yes she did not her nurse)! When she came back into our room & handed us the requisition the appt is scheduled for tomorrow @ 830pm. Yes within 36 hours of the call we have the MRI booked.

Hubby then came home & called the MRI place to see what their cancellation policy is in case the mitt full of drugs the doctor prescribed starts working & he can cancel at any time without penalty or being charge!! YAHOO.. I know if we have the MRI we will pay for that too (somewhat)! But boy is it nice to get the tests/procedures done quickly! It's not wait & see then wait some more for them to have an opening! This is as an out patient!!

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Nana said...

We are all praying hard. God bless you all. Jesus loves you. You are a family that sure knows the power of God in your lives. mom