Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Party

This past weekend the 5 year old attended her first Drop off Party. It was at one of our cheer friends houses. The party was Sat night from 6pm - 10pm with the invitation for a sleep over. She's not ready yet to sleep over but she went & had a GREAT time till about 930 & then was wondering when her ride was coming to get her. The girls hung out & watched movies & ate candy. When I picked her up she asked if she was allowed to have candy? I said sure, if it had been offered to her & she replied "yes but I didn't know if I was allowed so I didn't have any". Hubby & I were very proud of her for making a good choice, as candy is usually not allowed at home!

When I picked her up the mother of the birthday girl advised me I've got a good little sales girl on my hands. My daughter has a raw spot on her foot & was wanting something put on her foot. But when she asked what kind of cream they had for her foot & it wasn't the same brand that we use here at home she advised that mom, she'd be having her mother talk to her because she really should be buying what "mommy buys". Way too cute!

While we only had 2 little girls we went and got a small ice cream & then stopped by the park for a quick little play! The girls had fun. The middle girl had a little trouble going to sleep with out her big sister & due to the thunder/lightening storm. But we all had a GREAT evening!

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Nana said...

WOW! Amazing how big she is getting and I am so proud of her for not taking the candy. She is just so wonderful.mom