Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Locks for Love

You might be asking yourself What is she talking about. Well let me tell you. I've been growing my hair long for the last few years & today I had enough of it! The baby has been pulling at it a bit, I get it caught when I put my purse (diaperbag) on my shoulder! It's falling out everywhere (not good when cooking)! So today I decided was the day to donate my 10" pony tail to those who need it more than me. LOCKS FOR LOVE is a great program & my hair will go to one or two people who need some hair! My hair is now SHORT!!!! I am excited for the warm summer months & this hair. My big girl is now wanting to do her hair too. She's actually wanted to grow & then cut hers for LOCKS FOR LOVE a lot longer than me. Our neice did it a year or so ago & ever since than big girl decided she would do that too.

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