Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh What a Weekend

The work we did on Mothers day (in the rain) was just the prep work for what happened around here this weekend!

On Friday hubby came home from work shortly after 5 (early for him) & we got started digging the big hole! Hubby put the pond liner in that was it for the night... darn darkness.

We woke up early Sat. to REALLY LOUD music. There was a marathon running around where we live & we must have had one of the starting lines on the next street over!

We got outside early & went to work! My job was to go around the yard & get plants for around our new pond. Hubby was busy getting compost soil/rocks to build up the pond. By dinner time it was DONE!!.. Rocks, flowers, water falling everything DONE!! WOW I was tired by the end of that work!

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