Sunday, May 11, 2008



Today was gray & raining day here in the Midwest but that didn't stop us from having a GREAT mothers DAY!! The day started off with hubby getting up with the girls & letting me have a nice sleep in! Then, when I was woken up by the eldest it was to go down to breakfast & flowers. Hubby had stopped on his way home last night & bought me 6 pink roses & a beautiful card. Love roses! After breakfast we went back to our room & watch 101 Dalmatians (animated, thanks auntie & uncle boyfriend)! The baby decided she was done with this lazy kinda day & wanted lunch! So down stairs to do lunch for the kids! After lunch we got dressed to go outside in the rain! Littlest monkey went for a nap!

Late last week we had a company come out to give us a quote on cutting down 3 dead trees....$475.00 NO WAY!! Hubby decided to borrow the neighbours chainsaw so we were busy cutting down trees! First was a dead pine tree in our front yard. This went well hubby used the chainsaw & I pulled the tree with a skipping rope in the direction we wanted it to fall. That was not worth $125.00

Then on to the 2nd dead tree in the front yard. This one was a little bigger & took a lot more effort with the neighbour's small chainsaw but after some perseverance down it went! $225.00 saved on that tree. By this point it was raining HARD & baby was up from her nap! So we decided to change the girls out of their WET clothing & drive to the grocery to get a fresh bread for dinner. NAPS all around, what a quiet drive!

We got home & hubby was determined to get the downed trees out of his grass & cut the 3rd tree down. So off to work we went in the rain! We carried the HEAVY tree trunk to the drive way (to be cut up another day). Got the bungee cord tied around tree number 3 & down it came. Landing all over the black fence in the front yard but nothing was broken / damaged. TREE cutting was a success. Now we've got some logs for next winters fires!!

Dinner was cooked up by HUBBY! YUMMY!!!! What a great mothers day! Saved ourselves a lot of money $475!!! & had a GREAT day even in the rain!

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