Friday, April 18, 2008


Early this morning I was sound asleep when all of a sudden I sat up in bed, my heart was pounding. This woke hubby up but before he could say anything, our BED started to shake the windows rattle & you could hear things all over our house moving. We are like whats going on? It only last about 20 seconds & we were in so much shock that we didn't get out of bed to get the girls. We turned on the TV to find out was going on & at 539a.m EST an Earthquake hit the MID WEST. Wow that was wild! We did go down & look in on the girls & they were sound asleep!! Hubby left for work just after 6 to check on all the CRYSTAL in the warehouse & thankfully none of it had shifted enough to fall. So all in all no damage noted with us or the business. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!

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Nana said...

Thank God all of you and the business are okay. Love you all. Mom