Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Our 4 year old soon to be 5 is trying to figure out what Career she will have when she grows up. The current list included (in her words):

A hospital girl that gets babys out (OB/GYN) only 4 days a week she wants Wednesdays off (just like our Family Doctor)
A photographer to take pictures of all the new babies & plants, trees (thanks to auntie Val/ Uncle Rich for the camera)
A work from home business lady working at evening & on the weekends & making lots of money @ the computer... (this is her concept of mom's new job)

She doesn't want to be like her daddy because daddy is away from home too much.

You ask her if she is going to get married & have a family she responds NO I want to be JUST like my AUNTIE VAL.. no babies.. I'll be a GREAT aunt to Abby & Carly's babies.

It's so funny what they decide.. Lets see what she's into in 10 years.

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