Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a Day... & it's only 230

Today has been a day!!! Started out the morning TIRED. The baby decided to wake up twice between the hours of 12-6 a.m to nurse! So I started the day off tired. Got up made hubby his lunch & coffee & myself a tea. Then the big girls & I got breakfast. Baby woke up around 930 wet & stinky. So straight into the tub she went to get cleaned up! Then it was time for her to eat & have her cereal! The big girls decided they would like to paint while I feed the baby. No problem except they didn't tell me it was body painting day! Oh the fun we had! All this time I've been sending various emails to hubby about thoughts/ideas for the business with no response. So by 1130 I text hubby to ask how his day is going? He informs me he has sent me 8 or so emails & I haven't received any from him. I have all morning been getting emails from others! So at noon I decide to get on the telephone with my Internet provide to figure out "my" problem with the email. The "help lady" messed up all my configurations & now I can't get any in or out going mail to work ahhhh..
So I get the computer to fix itself & get on with a computer person via instant messaging to try & figure out "my" problem. It appears everything is working fine. It's now 1230 Girls are hungry & the phone rings. It's our alarm company asking if we are okay they received a medical alarm from our house. Not sure how that's possible we haven't had good alarm monitoring for a while now! SO I assure them everything is fine & nobody hit the alarm! Call hubby to tell him the madness at our house only to find out "he" is having the "email" issue unable to send any emails outside his network.. AHHHHHhh... I just wasted an hour of my day for nothing.. the Fun!!! Oh modern technology!

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