Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Just after baby #3 was born hubby & I decided we were going to start being a little more environmentally friendly. Before we moved to the USA we recycled a lot & composted kitchen waste (picked up weekly by town), but here we barely recycle a 1/3 of what we did back in CANADA. So I've been faithfully using CLOTHDIAPERS with baby #3 & it's going GREAT!

Now I'm converting my house over to more environmentally friendly cleaning products. I've found this GREAT ONLINE STORE that I order from once a month & they deliver right to my door. This is GREAT for a BUSY mom like me. The cleaning products are a lot safer for my kids than any of the commercial stuff I've been buying & this is important because the baby will be crawling in the future & the girls play around on the floor all the time. This company/store has also done a lot of research into the increase in ASTHMA among little people & relate it a lot to the chemical/products we use DAILY in our home. SO I'm hoping their products will help with this little issue at our home!

The best part is.... I am building a business with this company & don't need to have stock, do parties or anything like that & to get started was REALLY CHEAP.. I'm getting paid to buy stuff I all ready buy every month! How awesome is that!!!


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