Thursday, March 6, 2008


It's been a busy place chez nous this afternoon. I was originally trying to get a nap in but that didn't go well. The baby decided to wake up about 20 minutes into my quiet time. Then just as I'm done feeding her the door bell rang. The girls start running through the house screaming all excited. It was a box from the "NEW STORE" "my toothpaste" the eldest yells. Then we realize there are two boxes. The other box is a birthday gift from the Disney Store for our soon to be 3 year old. As we are opening the package she states..."yeah my own computer (laptop) so I can email". I know when I was 3 I wouldn't have said that maybe 23. It's a portable Princess Art Easel. They are nicely sharing this new toy right now! While I am typing to Auntie who sent the gift the door bell rings again & this time it's a gift from Childrens' Place. This box will remain closed till her actual birthday. But now I must go & check out my new Products.. I can't wait to clean!! Most of all I can't wait to share / introduce family & friends to these ecofriendly products!!!!

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