Friday, February 8, 2008


Why when you are in a hurry does it seem like nothing goes right? Today I made a HUGE mess in my kitchen to surprise my hubby with some home made yummy treats receipe thanks to..... over to their blog it rocks with great receipes!

Hubby flew back to town this a.m & went stratight to work. The girls & I have really missed him (as always when he is away on business) I baked yummy cinnamon rolls & got the girls all dressed in new dresses that I made for them while hubby was away. Off we went to his work to surprise him. Getting into the van with treats & three little girls felt like it took forever (5-10 minutes really ) but it seemed like a lot longer.

After we were done enjoying our treats with hubby we came back home. I needed to stop at the bank but traffic sucked & I could not get to my exit off the highway so another time. Then it's home took pictures of the two big girls in their dresses (baby asleep) & then trying to down load them from camera is not working.. AHHHHHH.. Hubby installed new camera software last weekend & it's now not working. So pictures of cute little girls in dresses will have to wait till another time. All this time I've wasted trying to get the camera to download, the kitchen remains a MESS & hubby will probably be home early.. AHHHH.. & oh ya it's lunch time.
The joys of being a stay at home mom.. But the Cinnamon buns ROCK.

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Nana said...

You are to funny girl and to wonderful. Keep up the good work and remember to breath once in awhile. Love Mom