Friday, February 1, 2008


The other night my girl friend came over sans kids & helped me get going on a couple sewing projects. The first thing I made with said friend standing by to guide me was a head band for MOI. (insert picture when camera near by & no baby nursing)
I think it turned out well. I have even worn it out all ready (next day).
My next project my friend help me cut out the fabric & pin it together. I have almost completed an "a line" dress in brown & pink for baby. Just need to figure out the darn button hole thing! (insert picture when camera near by & no baby nursing & button holes are complete) I can't wait for my birthday to get some sewing gadgets hint... hint ..I need to work buying fabric into my household budget for my new found past time!

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Nana said...

LOL>............hint ...hint cute LOL........Good job.