Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh Auntie

My wonderful older sister & brother in law decided a long time ago not to have babies but instead spoil my girls rotten. For Christmas this year my loving older sister decided to give each of the big girls (2 &4 year old) their own cosmetic bag filled with lots of KEWL stuff (hair bands, brushes, body wash & NAIL POLISH) Today I went into my room to find the 2 year old doing this..
...Yes my two year old got out her nail polish, removed her socks & started painting her nails. She does a good job I might add.

Then big sister had to go find her polish & do her nails. Good thing the polish isn't very messy, big sister wasn't as careful as the other her bottle is laying on it's side

Oh you have to love sisters who spoil their nieces & my girls aren't even 5 yet. What will they get when they are bigger?

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Nana said...

Good job girls. Love Nana