Thursday, January 10, 2008

kids & tub

Now that we have 3 little ladies in our house bath time is even MORE fun. The baby has this great little seat called a Daphne bath seat & the big girls each sit on one side of the baby. But that's when the fun begins. Baby likes to look at her sisters but they start to fight over who she should be looking at & the voices get louder & well a bathroom with the door closed ECHOs.. So needles to say mama gets a headache. Baby starts to cry when you take her out then the big girls fight over who gets their hair washed first & who gets out first. The joys. I can't wait till the big girls realizes showers are better because you aren't sitting in dirty bath water. Oh & today the middle girl decided to try some of the moves she learned this summer in the pool & got a bunch of water in her nose & mouth. The joys of bathing three under 5.

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Nana said...

LOL..........wish we were there. Love mom