Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today is the day of Independence at our house. I came down from my bedroom this morning to my 4 year old setting the table for breakfast, cereal (in bowls) with milk, milk poured for her & her sister, toaster out along with bread, butter & peanut butter. WOW. what a big girl! Then She was able to do more of the same at lunch, milk poured & out for everyone at lunch & plates. Both girls have been very good for a long time about putting their dishes in the dishwasher when done so that goes without saying that they did that to.
Then after lunch little miss 2 year old went to the basement to play while big sister & I put away some laundry & I nursed the baby! I went to the basement when I was done to hang out with both girls only to find the 2 year old.....

Yes she got the paint (had to climb on a stool) paint brushes, painting smock on & paper & was all set up at her table painting. What a big girl. WOW what is she going to be doing when she's 3???


Nana said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Nana is so proud of both girls. They are trying so hard to help out and be good girls. That really helps out big time with a little baby in the house. Thank you girls for being so wonderful. Nana loves you very much.

Auntie said...

looks like your hard work continues to pay off, great girls, miss them, and they can come visit Auntie & Uncle anytime they feel like cooking/cleaing.