Sunday, January 6, 2008

animals & me

My family knows I don't like animals in my house that don't belong. When our 1st was 3 months old I awoke to a terrible sound behind my headboard turns out there was a BAT flying around our room. So packed up & off to big sisters I went with the baby & hubby to. Hubby got a hold of someone to come check out the situation & the next day the bat (just one) was found & removed. Then a few weeks we had a couple mice in the bsmt I was useless trying to get it out. Thank goodness for a girlfriend & grandma!
Last night I woke hubby up due to a terrible sound coming from beside my bed. I would have bet there was a rodent in our bedroom. Hubby woke up to say it was just a couple of Raccoons. But why was it so loud. We looked out our patio door to see two raccoons loving each other up! They didn't move at all when hubby banged on the door or turned the light on. Thank goodness they were outside & nothing was in the house!

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