Monday, December 3, 2007

Dollar Store Adventure

On the weekend hubby & I were lucky enough to leave two preschoolers @ home with grandma & go out & finish our Christmas shopping for those two little ladies. Yes I said FINISH our Shopping! Yahoo for us.. that's everything right down to the stocking stuffer done.

So we decided to head to a dollar store. My hubby obviously doesn't get out much during his busy season, especially to a dollar store.

As we are filling our cart with "stocking stuffers" for the ladies, hubby kept say "how much is this", hunny it's a dollar. The back of the store had a huge wall painting that said "everything is a dollar". Hubby had to ask about 10 times during our 30 minute shopping experience in this store. He just couldn't believe all the stuff you could get for a dollar. So we purchased about 30 items & Hubby was again shocked @ how low our bill was. Lucky for us the store was having a customer appreciation day & giving an extra 10% off. What a good shopping trip it was.

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